les legumes/cyclone isaac


So, it looks like I might not be able to get any pictures up for a while. It takes too much internet upload capacity from the daily allotted amount. Looks like my words alone will have to suffice for now.

Not much has happened since the last time I wrote. My leg (bone bruise) has turns new, weird colors every day and everyone and everything seems to bump into it or jump on it or whatever. I was sick for a few days with headaches and sore throats, but am all better now. It has been hot…as usual. And that’s about it.

Hurricane Isaac is over Haiti now, causing a lot of international panic. I see facebook statuses popping up about it all over the pages of previous Haiti visitors. Until now, there has been nothing more here than strong winds and a little drizzling. Hopefully things don’t worsen much more because, as everyone imagines, many houses and tents here don’t hold up well in hurricane weather.

If any more hurricane news arises, I will write.

Oh yes! And I have memorized Psaumes 23 in French in less than 12 hours! I figured if Stellecy could do it, I could do it.

And here is a poem (minus the awesome hand motions that go along) that Stellecy and I performed at last night’s devotion:


Les Legumes

C’est bon pour la sante.

Ils me donnent ma belle coleur.

Et mes joues rogue.

Quand j’en mange, je suis grande et forte.

Les Legumes


Comme c’est formidable!


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