nous nous reposons


Silence. Despite the dogs and the chickens and the mortar and pestle banging, after a group leaves it all seems like silence.

Monday we went to Kwa Kok to work on Valentin’s new church…more accurately, a temporary pavilion before the church will be built. I liked the beginning because there was work I could do without compromising my grandma back. We were moving rocks from one location to another…I just carried pebbles from one location to another. I wish I had a picture, because it probably looked kind of hilarious…the boys with there boulders and me with my pebbles. I don’t think I have ever heard my name more than the amount of times I heard it there in about ten minutes. ANDREA. ANDREA. ANDREA. Andrea doesn’t know how to sing. Andrea is dezod. Andrea, take off your glasses and blink again. I get picked on a lot because of my Creole. We showed the group around Kwa Kok and all enjoyed fresh coconuts. Yum. On our way home, we stopped by a metal artisan village that I was introduced to by Malia in December. It is really awesome. I purposefully didn’t bring money so I wouldn’t blow it all.

With a smaller group and much less stress, I really enjoyed the time with these 6 young men and women. We had some good laughs. I made them uncomfortable with the knowledge that when I pee in the bushes here I “drip dry.” I probably just made you guys all uncomfortable too. Mission accomplished. But, hey, carrying toilet paper into the bushes is a clear sign of a newb.

So, Seattle Pacific University left for home on Tuesday afternoon. We rested up on Tuesday after the group left and enjoyed smores before bed, using twigs and the flames from the gas stove. Wesley is now a fan of this crazy, American phenomenon. Yesterday was another day of rest, but we got a little stir-crazy after a few hours so we went on an adventure to a restaurant. Oh the joys of being white on the streets and tap-taps of Haiti. Put Wesley beside me and it becomes that much more interesting.

Today I will try to find something to keep me busy. Reading. Nails. Movie. Something.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. Glad you’re working hard and not a newb! haha…(uncomfortable laugh). jk! I’m back in the states and all were missing is your Andrea-isms. But it sounds amazing. See you soon!

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