je suis arrivée



I’m back in Haiti. We were at the hotel with a group for the past ten days, so I didn’t have internet. We’re back at Valentin’s house for a few days before another two groups show up on Wednesday.

It has been great to be back. It’s hot as ever and my clothes are sticking to me…yikes. It seems my memory is vague on the going-ons of the past 12 day, but here goes a brief summary:

The last group from was wonderful. We really enjoyed them. We did a lot of work on the front wall for the school and went into the wee hours of the night at Kwa Kok for a 4 day church crusade. We spent a day passing out rice and beans, clothes, and sandals in Village Kanès, splashed around at the beach, and drove through Port-au-Prince.

(VBS in Kwa Kok)

When we got home, I learned how to properly hand wash my clothes, Wesley painted my nails, we had beach day and a day of adventure to Petion-ville, Nate and Sarah had to leave us, and I’m pretty sure the sun got hotter.

(The most delicious coconuts on beach day for the Language School.)

(Back to the beautiful look-out point in Petion-ville…Eben is acting out his part as the 5th wheel.) I forgot how crazy it is to drive here!!

With another group coming soon, it might be a while before I get to post again. I’ll try to keep better track of things going on. I’ll be back shortly, mes amis!


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