Traveling requires drama, n’est-ce pas?



Yesterday was the day I left San Diego for my home away from home: Haiti. Let’s recount the day’s adventures:

Around noon, I was packing and had a wooden watch box fall on my head. Ouch! So, when I had a moment of bouncy vision, pain, and possibly odd staring behavior, my mom dragged me to urgent care. Yes, I went kicking and screaming because I just wanted to get on that plane. All was fine, just a little pain, so we rushed home and finished getting things together. Then, the travel fun began.

When I arrived at the airport at 3:50 for my 4:50 flight, I was informed that the flight had been rescheduled to 3:10 months before. I don’t remember seeing that email! So, after one of those really fun, long hold, phone calls to American Airlines, they got me on a fabulous red-eye flight (sarcasm.) I left for L.A. at 9:35 pm, then left for Florida at 12:15 am. I took melatonin to sleep on the plane, since usually this sort of thing leaves me with more than 36 hours of sleep deprivation. It worked…mostly.

Now, I’m sitting in the Fort Lauderdale airport, trying to think of how to pass the 5 hour layover until I board my plane for Port-au-Prince at 1:45. I bought a large coffee and trashy magazines to keep me occupied, but I still have a few more hours to wait. Perhaps I’ll rearrange the photos on my computer. How exciting! I just talked to Valentin who said I would be taking a donkey from the airport. He was joking…I hope. It is Haiti…you never know!

So, all is currently well. If there were no complications, it wouldn’t be a real trip, eh? I don’t think I’ll be able to post for a week or so, but I’ll be back. No worries.

: )

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