andrea pa konn lave


Riddle me this: why do socks merit a better wash than any other article of clothing?

I was trying to wash a few clothing items this evening when I was spotted by Nadege’s cousin. She laughed at me (as the entire family does when they see me washing my clothes by hand,) and said she’d show me how to do it. I tried and tried, but could not recreate her motions. It ended up that she washed most of my stuff and I just rinsed and hung Them. The confusing, and seemingly unnecessary, part to me was that the socks got a detergent wash, a soap scrub, another detergent wash, and finally rinse and fabric softener. They’re on my feet…why do my socks have to be so clean?

The moral of this story is that this American will never be able to correctly wash her clothes by hand…10 months later.

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