This is my 100th post. I didn’t know I had enough to say to write 100 times.

Let’s start this off with some more pictures of our little munchkin, Kobe. The little guy is getting spunky, attacking our legs, shoes, any anything else he can get his sharp little teeth on. When he runs, he kind of jumps around and often falls on his face. Awfully cute, isn’t he?

Today Valentin and I drove Wendy and Liz to Barahona in the Dominican Republic. Before that could happen, however, we had to have trouble at the border. It is a must. The story goes that a bunch of medications that were donated and shipped from the US to the DR to Haiti were not allowed to cross the border without the proper documentation. Yada yada yada, several attempts were fruitless. And today, the meds were discovered in a really hot storage room in customs, stinking it up, and unusable. Bummer. So, there was that which took a couple hours. We left the house at 9:00am and made it through the border at 2:00pm. We made the two hour trip to Barahona and Val and I headed back to the border. Arriving at 5:35pm when the border closes at 6:00pm was concerning. There was a lot of hassle about papers and passports, people at the car and running to make it through the gates before it closed. All that to say, at 5:55 we made it back into Haiti. Phew.
But all this means that Liz has now left me. First Regina and then Liz, what am I to do??!! Liz will be back before I leave, though, so this is good news.

OH…and then there are the Haitian cops. Last weekend we were pulled over and I received a marriage proposal. He actually told me he wanted to marry me and go to the States. Today, the cop pulled us over, Valentin in the car and gave this A+ speech: (Holding my passport) “Ah, USA. A flag and an eagle. I have mad respect for the USA. I like it. Especially the girls. Especially girls with a diamond in their nose.”
It baffles my mind! This is one thing I will NOT miss when I go back to the States.

We have another group, Seattle Pacific University, coming in bright and early tomorrow morning. They come four days before a group of 19 (meaning 25 total) that will be here until August 24th. With Regina back in the States and Liz in the DR, I am a little stressed. I should be planning and getting the house ready right now, actually.

And a mere 17 days till I go back to the US, myself. Weird. How time flies.

Let’s end this with a snapshot of our favorite painting found in Haiti thus far. We call it “cats with daggers.” It’s a classic. And it’s hilarious.

Bon nwit.

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