orevwa zanmi mwen


Jodi a mwen gen tristès nan kè mwen paske zanmi pa’m ale etazini maten an.

Yesterday we had a good-bye lunch/dinner for Regina. It was a time we got to enjoy together and thank her for all she did for each one of us here.

(Hailing a mini tap-tap)

(Marriage proposal?…Anyone else jealous?)

(Aniya and Manithe)

(Andrea photo bomb)

We sent Regina on her way this morning after a rooftop photo shoot and a pint of starbucks mocha frappacino ice cream shared between the four of us on the way to the airport. (Liz gave Regina and I these awesome “Kan Lespwa” soccer jerseys last night! They are basically the most awesome thing ever, so of course we had to capture it on film. Once again, we worked on perfecting the art of Haitian posing.) Enjoy.

So. Down to three. With Regina leaving, it reminds me that I only have 19 days left in Haiti. I don’t like thinking about how hard all my good-byes are going to be.

Bye, mom! (That is Regina, mom, not the mother who birthed me. I don’t want any confusion or jealousy.)

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  1. I Sooo love the second to last pic. Except it looks like if it was taken a second later, Liz my be sending a totally different digit based message.

  2. i CANNOT believe you posted the one of my butt.

    i showed the picture to my friend, who burst out laughing. (“NOBODY TOLD ME. nobody told me.”)

    hahaha ohmigosh i look like a total dude. i’m going to go get my haircut and buy makeup.

    MISS YOUUUUU. how was your bed last night?

    • Your butt is looking fiiiiiiine in that picture. I don’t know what you’re upset about! haha

      My bed was too big last night. Just too big and too empty! I’m missing my better half : )

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