souri: se yon bon jounen


I’m pretty tired, but today was a good day so I wanted to share briefly…and especially to post pictures of some beautiful children.

Regina leaves on Monday (all too soon,) so today was her “intern day of fun.” We had a good time together.

Here were my highlights:
1. Iced cappuccino
2. Buying 4 books in Creole to use to practice when I go back to the states

3. Buying another painting…somebody stop me!!!
4. Mountain weather
5. Kashima fruit-I had said if I didn’t find some before I left, there was going to be a riot (note: they were not cheap. they got smooshed under someone’s bag in the car. since they were smooshed open, I ate too many. and now my stomach hurts)

6. Handing out stuffed animals and toys to the beautiful kids in Camp Hope (see pictures below)

7. And of course…the smiles and laughter we share when we are all together

Bon nwit.

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