yon moman pou reflechi


Have you seen anything cuter?

In Haiti you expect the unexpected. Tropical storm Emily was set to hit yesterday, so we played it safe and did not go to work on the construction site. Instead, we were able to provide 75 residents of Camp Hope who were preparing to brave the storm with rice, beans, spaghetti, bread, oil, goldfish, and soap. We repacked all the materials and headed out in the rain to distribute it at Diery’s school.

So beautiful!

Fortunately, Emily just grazed us with some wind and brief showers.

Last night, however, we had one young group member who needed to go to the hospital with an infected bug bite and shortness of breath. Every time I spend time in a hospital here, something different I see breaks my heart. Being here for an extended period of time, it is easy for me to become numb as my work becomes my sole day-to-day focus and my life here. Moments like these connect me back to human emotion and the ability to look at a someone and sincerely feel his/her pain like my own. Every once and a while I, and probably most of us, need to be kicked in the face with something difficult to confront to remind us of the importance of sympathy and to remind me why I’m here doing what I’m doing.

Praise was really a great group. It was a good week and it was sad to send them back on their way to New Jersey this morning. A huge THANK YOU to all of you for coming to serve with us here.


Today was a day of never-ending laundry and cleaning. It is not fun during the process, but the end result is always so rewarding. But, let’s take a gander at this…

I’m thinking it might be a little much? We/I might have to sell some off…
Anyone looking to buy a painting? I’ll take the best offer…

Alright, we’re going to watch Shawshank Redemption now. I have no idea what I’m in for.

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  1. Puppy sooo cute! (until he’s full grown and ready to rip someones face off!) Sorry, still recovering from one of my kids bringing home a pre-teen Cujo. Wish I was coming down soon to snatch up some of that museum worthy art work.

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