nap tann ou anba pye bwa manjak


Let’s start out with some pictures of Kobe again…until we’re all sick of how darn cute he is. We found him sleeping in this crevice this morning and in the afternoon sleeping in the same spot, but on his back.

This is the work we’ve been doing for the last few days on the construction site…the work that has been shedding my blood. The ties are sharper than they may appear.

Since our meds are still stuck at the border, we distributed hygiene kits today in Kwa Kok (I have no idea how to spell that.) It was a really pretty area with lots of lush greenery. The sun, however, was beating down on us to no avail and the lack of breeze made it that much hotter. Valentin informed about five community members that I would live there permanently. Yes, I understood. After going house to house with kits of toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap, we held a PUR demonstration “anba pye bwa Manjak.” This was a long process because we went through the entire process and actually purified a bucket of water from the community pump. At the end, Valentin and I drank the water to demonstrate that it was clean. (I sure hope the PUR did it’s job…fingers crossed.)

Kwa Kok (Spelling questionable)


And our enthusiastic distributors

An afternoon at the lake was relaxing. A nice breeze and a pretty view.

Frantzdy and Nathalie had a great time splashing around in the water and Frantzdy was the subject of this award winning photo.

Regina and I got a contemplative photo, looking out into the horizon…with our security, Gary, awkwardly in the picture looking at us like we are crazy. Classic. Yes, the boat is on land.

Now, we wait for tropical storm, Emily. It’s already started to rain a little bit, but we’re waiting for the brunt of it to hit, probably tomorrow morning. That’s a big question mark, though, as to when. We all have our fingers crossed for nothing serious.

By the way…how is it August already!!??!!

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