li rele kobe


Praise Presbyterian Church arrived on Friday and everything has been going well. Besides the crazy bugs that appear to morph into multiples in front of your eyes, things at the house seem to be going smoothly.

Saturday was a day of work on the construction site. We’re tying metal wire around rebar. I’m glad that the work we are doing is something I can participate in, even if it means that my forearms look like they have been chopped up by a machete. Seriously, if I can get cut…I will get cut. Unfortunately, the wind hasn’t been present much so the days are very hot.

Sunday we went to church at Camp Hope and the group did VBS. In the afternoon, we went to Petionville and Port-au-Prince. The look-out-point that I’ve ranted about was a hit with everyone! Valentin, Jean, and Gerald, and the other Haitian staff were crazy about it too. Gerald had his hands on his head pretending to pay me. It really is an amazing place. Between that location and in front of the presidential palace, I was suckered into buying mass quantities of paintings. At Liz’s request, I set them all up on the floor in the living room and laughed at my inability to say no. I didn’t even want a few of them. Yikes!

(Andrea, Frantzdy, Regina, Dieph, Nathalie)

(Have Liz and I mastered the Haitian pose, or not?)


Oh. And we named the puppy KOBE! Because Kobe is often fed hot dogs and eats a lot of them, his name is short for “Kobyashi” the hot dog eating contest guy. Check out how cute he is…again!

(7 days till Regina leaves…insert sad face with teardrop here)

And is this an ironic street corner or what? John Brown and MLK together….hmm.

Bon nwit.

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