ti chen: nouvo zanmi mwen.


The last couple days have been busy as we readied the house for group’s arrival. Lots of cleaning and a little handy-work.

Liz and I handy-manned it up installing shelves to display our “teacher gifts”

Here is another use we have found for duct tape…doesn’t even need to come off the roll:

(The screen didn’t fit flush, so there was a big open gap. Solution=genius)

The group was scheduled to come in today at 12:25pm. Around 2:00pm, as we were waiting at the airport, we learned that their plane was delayed until 4:00pm. A trip to the “Home Depot of Haiti” and Andrea’s poor driving skills, a.k. a. knocking out the passenger side window of the car and shattering glass all over Regina, filled the time.

All is well. The group has arrived and we’re all getting settled. When we got home, I discovered a new member to our family. TI CHEN (he still doesn’t have a name, so I call him “little dog.”) Look at how cute he is!! Well, he was cuter before I discovered he has fleas while he was sitting on my lap. Now I’m itching just thinking about it.

(Can anyone say Hakuna Matata on that last one?)

And Liz and Regina demonstrate their/our insanity by “curling” a dead roach out onto the balcony.

Very tired. Very very tired.

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