ayiti: prepare pou chanje plan ou yo


So, the last few days have been kind of crazy. Finding out on Saturday, definitively, that we would be hosting our next group here at the house and not the hotel…we had a lot of work to do. Monday we also had a new intern, Esther, join us. Welcome, Esther! Getting ready for the group, 1e split up the work and spent Monday and Tuesday doing the brunt of it. The group was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday.

Here is a blurry picture of Regina and I as we had our bunk bed almost fully assembled. Let me tell you, this thing was a bear to put together. No two piece were already connected, incuding the slats on the frame that hold the mattress in position. Clearly, I had trouble with the ladder. I don’t know if you can tell by the picture that this try, my first try, I put the ladder together lop-sided. We also had to redo the bottom bunk the next morning because the holes didn’t line up. Yikes.

So by Tuesday we had everything purchased (mattresses, stove, coffeemaker, fans, etc.) and Esther and I had spent the morning scrubbing grout off tile with a wooden ruler (kind an amusing thing to watch.) And then we found out on Tuesday evening that the group’s flight was cancelled. They are coming in on Friday. In Haiti, you expect the unexpected.

This change of plans did, however, give us the opportunity to have another “day of fun.” Esther, Liz, Regina, Wesley, and I hopped into the car and hit up our new favorite coffee shop and, my favorite place thus far, the “Haiti look-out point.” I know I’ve already posted quite a few pictures of the view, but here are a couple more. It is just so pretty up there.

(in the bottom picture you can see the presidential palace if you look closely at the center)

Since Valentin had already planned a “welcome service” at a church in Fonds-Parisien, Regina, Esther, Stellecy, Manithe, Valentin, and I went in the place of the group. Stellecy slept on my lap half of the time and holding her did not turn out to be the best idea for my poor back. You just can’t say no to that cute face, though.

After the hustle and bustle of the last few days, today was a good day to take a breather. These guys make me laugh.

Bon nwit zanmi mwen yo!

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  1. This spot is one of my favorite in Haiti also. Last I was there was pr- earthquake though. Can’t wait to see you all soon.

  2. You look amazing, Andrea! Scozz family was over last night and Derek says, “Where is Andrea? I thought she was back by now? She should be here!”
    See you soon, my doll faced little one!
    Love, Mama Jean

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