chato nou


Bonjou tout moun!

The last couple days have been pretty non-eventful. Jon leaving and Liz on her short trip has left the house feeling a little empty. But Regina and I are partying it up as queens of the castle! Well, if partying it up means reading our books in the living room, getting excited about 100% satellite download status and watching YouTube videos, enjoying multiple rounds of N-Sync’s “This I Promise You,” and movie night. Holler!

A little snafu with my neck has set me back a few squares, but Regina says I’m handi-capable so everything is a-ok. Some steroids, muscle relaxers, and Vicodin already have me feeling a lot better today. No worries.

We have a group coming in from Virginia tomorrow, so that means that I will be M.I.A for another week or so during our stay at the regal Fonds Parisien Peace and Love Hotel. I’ll be sure to provide a report and pictures when I can.

A pita zanmi mwen yo.

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