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Today I met up with Matt, Abbi, and Nadege. If you read my blog a couple months back, Nadege is a Haitian woman who needed to get to the United States for heart surgery. Matt and Abbi were the couple that graciously opened their home to her for 8 weeks during her recovery. They came back to Haiti on Wednesday.

Nadege took us to her home in Port-au-Prince; the home she lived in before the earthquake brought it to the ground. I really did not expect to see the destruction that we saw. It was pure rubble with broken remnants of a household: pieces of clothing, a cracked wash bucket, a baby doll smashed under a cinder block. The house immediately to the right, however, remained standing. The house to the left had fallen onto her house during the earthquake. Nadege told her story, pointing out the locations where the building fell on her and where her sister died. She spoke of how she was taken to Jimani, Barahona, and Santo Domingo after the earthquake and then was relocated to Fonds Parisien. A neighbor who helped pull her out of the rubble saw us and stopped by. With everything that goes on in our everyday lives here, it is so easy to forget what has happened to this country and to the Haitian people, and it is moments like these that make everything real again.

(Nadege, Matt, Abbi, Nadege’s sister, and the friend who helped after the earthquake)

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  1. Wow! I’m very happy that you were able to see that so close. I’m also happy to know that the her surgery was good and she went back. I really appreciate your motvation to help her and I realize now I’ve met her at the Camp.
    God will keep her heathy and her family safe.
    May God bless you Andrea,

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