“intern day of fun” e “orevwa dyonn”


Yesterday was Intern Day of Fun and the last time the four of us would be able to spend a day together as Liz left for an LA wedding this morning and Jon will be leaving Haiti for good on Saturday. We headed off to do some of our favorite activities: eat, play games, explore, and makes spectacles of ourselves everywhere we go.

The day started off with a series of preparation pictures, modeling our game choices:

We hopped in the car as I prepared to brave the insane streets of Port-au-Prince behind the wheel of our truck and Jon, Regina, and Liz pretended to trust me. Jon’s phone GPS was a little faulty (let alone confusing as would be expected with Haitian road directions,) but with that and Liz and my keen sense of direction, we made it everywhere we wanted to go. I did, however, predict about an 80% chance that I would hit someone with the car. (The streets were full of people shopping the sidewalk/in-street markets and ignoring the fact that they are actually roads made for cars to pass through.) Amazingly, I beat the odds.

First stop: REBO coffee shop (aka heaven.) We had spotted this location during a previous trip and backtracked our way to it. English speaking cashier, lattes, iced coffee, pastries, bumpin’ music, and a round of Quiddler. That is what I’m talking about, y’all.

Next stop: Baptist Mission high up in the hills of Petionville. We first visited a sad little zoo consisting of rabbits, chickens, peacocks, ducks, a monkey, and a goat. This was followed up by a meal of buffalo wings, curly fries, and kibbeys, and a game of Scrabble as we enjoyed the cold temperatures of the mountains. A stop at the bakery for some delightful braided bread and banana bread and we called that a mission accomplished.

(Wally Turnbull: Author of “Creole Made Easy” that each of us as read for language help. Regina just happened to have the copy on her. Liz and I work our Haitian men pose.)

Last stop: Vista viewpoint. This was the same location we visited during our last trip up and it was just as breathtaking this time. We pulled out some of our best poses for the occasion. I think this spot might just be my favorite in Haiti.

We made it home, but not without an embarrassing encounter with the police. It was really bad…maybe I shouldn’t mention it. Oh well, here goes: The police pulled us over and asked for the car’s papers, so I handed them over. He then said what sounded like “pay me” in English. I’m looking at Jon and he says, “Nou pa gen lajan.” (“We don’t have money.”) I look at him confused and ask, “Ou vle kob?” (“You want money?) Liz is trying to correct us from the back seat saying, “permit. permit.” The cop then clarified “driving permit” and I handed over my license, ashamed. He walked over to another cop with my license still in hand, which made me nervous, but came back with a smirk on his face as he handed over the paper and permit and said, “mesi.” He probably went to give the other cop a good laugh. Oh dear god. That was terrible. I’m still ashamed.

When we arrived home, there was a gathering of people surprising Jon with a good-bye get together. It was all very nice as people said nice words about all his hard work. Him and Stellecy had some very cute moments, as evidenced by a below picture.

Orevwa, Jon. It was a good run and we’ll miss you.

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  1. I MISSS YOU GUYS!!!! Loved the story, and nice to know Pastor let you guys have a day off and actually let you go somewhere without him!! AHHAHAH He’s getting better!!! I’ll be down soon!

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