semèn pase


The group is gone, we are back home, and now I can tell you all about it.

We had a group from Long Valley Presbyterian Church in New Jersey doing construction for a week. They brought along with them four Dominican men and four Dominican cooks.

I have to say that I felt pretty useless on the construction site. I passed empty buckets and yelled directions in Creole and that was about it. I am, however, excited to say that I have started practicing translating at nighttime group sharing. It is very difficult because, by the time time I’m ready to say what I need to in Creole, I’ve forgotten most of what has been said in English. It takes practice, but I don’t think I bombed too badly. It’s easier for me to translate from English to Creole than from Creole to English, but I need to work on both ways.

Highlights of the week in no particular order:
1. goofy Dominicans making me laugh
2. us interns dancing in the parking lot with Dieph (translator) and Lisa (group member from Kentucky) and learning how to get rid of guys at a club with mad awesome dance moves
3. Liz and Jon’s speed walking race on the work site (i judged foot placement with a block of wood and disqualified Jon)
4. Liz’s ring tone dance that involved a shovel and a lot of shuffling
5. “translating”
6. kids singing at church
7. superman baby at the med clinic
8. my awesome balloon hat at the med clinic
9. learning more about people’s lives, even if it was sometimes difficult to hear

Writing after an entire week has passed, it’s difficult to remember it all. But here are some pictures:

Cutest chubsters in Camp Hope

VBS Camp Hope

Los Dominicanos y Lisa at the med clinic

Work site

Resting on the work site

Los Dominicanos y yo: Mario, David, Andrea, Asael, y Domingo

Liz, Andrea, Regina, and Jon on the bus

Frantzdy and I at the med clinic

Let me hear you say, “AHHHHHH!”

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  1. Hey Andrea,
    Thanks for uploading the photos of our recent Haiti experience. It will be long remembered. Thanks to Liz, Jon, Regina, Andrea for your insight, wisdom, and caring shown to us! Andrea, I think I mishandled a few of my emails from the friends I made in Haiti. Can you contact me at the email below. Hoping you can help me get the addresses straightened out! Beloved Haiti, Lisa J. will return!

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