m pa vle wè yon lòt plim wouj ankò!


Where did I leave off……?

Ok. Let’s see. Yesterday morning I got up to go “running” with Regina. I put “running” in quotes because I don’t know if bystanders would give my uncoordinated movements that title. To make myself feel better, I should say that not only did I get little to no exercise in Haiti while I was teaching before, I was also home with my back injury for 6 weeks and did no cardio during that time. Therefore, “out of shape” would be the understatement of the century! So, I ran behind Regina for a while. Walked behind her. Ran behind her. Walked behind her. You get the pattern. This charade went on for about 30 minutes.

We spent half of yesterday driving around Fonds Parisien preparing for the group that will arrive on Saturday. Then, Jon, Regina, and I went to Haitian Christian Mission to see our friends over there. We ended up playing basketball. As I’m sure you can already imagine (I am 5’2″,) I am absolutely terrible at basketball! Terrible is probably too polite of a word. When I should have been playing defense, I was playing offense. When I should have been playing offense, I was playing defense. Regina, who was on the opposing team and whom I was supposed to be covering, continually needed to remind me where she was and that I should be there too, defending. Oops. Our team (Edwens, Emmanuel, and I) ended up winning, despite their weakest player (me.) Maybe if one of the opposing team members hadn’t been so distractingly good-looking I would’ve played better…? I can’t blame him and his beauty, though. BUT WAIT! Hold on a second! Who scored their team the winning basket (almost typed “goal”)? Oh, right! That would be ME! Andreya Nisle! Granny-style, baby! And that was only one of THREE baskets I made. I tried to shoot the correct way once, but it was pathetic so I said, if the granny-shot ain’t broke…don’t fix it.

After that, we went back to Haitian Christian Mission for dinner and met some people that are working there is week. I, however, was extraordinarily uncomfortable with being asked some extremely personal questions, point blank. I don’t like that, people!

A rather restless night there has left me pretty tired. I’ve tried to take a nap twice today and failed. My body is also protesting yesterday’s activities. I feel like a granmoun!

I just finished grading all the exams, and I never want to see another red pen in my life. Now, I must input all the grades into the computer so we can post them on Friday. My Excel skills are pretty inadequate, so I think I’m doing more work than I should have to.

These are a couple notes I received at the bottom of the multiple choice exam:

(Tisma and John)

Fatigue. Fatigue. Fatigue.

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