nou fini


I’m feeling much better than yesterday. I do, however, sound like some sort of dying animal every time I open my mouth (and this has been confirmed.) Yelling at students to keep it down during testing actually sounded pretty hilarious.

Today was the last day of exams: multiple choice. Last day in that classroom…weird. Here are our class pictures. I’m really going to miss these guys. Let’s play “Where’s Waldo?” and you can do your very best to spot which one is me!




Saturday is the party for the school. After receiving the programs for the different classes’ performances, I’m thinking the party may not end until Monday. But I’m very excited to see what they have in store for us.

Alright, I need to go prep for an upcoming, and very serious, game of Taboo. This is no joke, folks. I need to bring my A-game.

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  1. I am “cracking up”….you are the cutes Waldo I’ve seen….need the red stripe shirt to make it easier to spot you : ) XO Mom

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