First, I thought I’d share a few more pictures from our awesome Saturday adventures:

the loooove milkshake

Regina and I demonstrate why pizza isn’t considered a good first date food

Haiti’s Wal-Mart

Let’s see…Yesterday I straddled a stranger on our moto ride back from the copy shop. Copy shop or Concert: standing room only? Hard to say. So, anyway, in my previous post I shared a conversation in which I had stated I would rather straddle a stranger than my roommate. (If you are just catching up, please refer to “Chita sou ou?” so I don’t look like a total nutjob.) I am now undecided. I just can’t figure out if feeling like you’re invading some random dude’s personal space as you sit smashed up against his back, accidentally but repeatedly breathing in his ear and bumping his head, is any better than the feeling of invading the personal space of your roommate. (Wow, that is one long and grammatically incorrect sentence!)

Last night we listened to the comedian Brian Regan. He does this bit on the pain scale that is hilarious. Listening to it again, however, brought back memories of me standing in the ER in Florida as my mom repeated the jokes and the laughter exacerbated my pain…10 out of 10 is what I told the nurse, by the way, and no one from the femur ward came down to find me. Here is the clip on youtube. (I didn’t watch it to make sure it’s correct, because it takes too much out of our allotted download capacity.)

Today we had the writing portion of our exam. One student flat out admitted “I don’t study” as she covered her face and giggled. I did kick out one student for cheating. He fought me the whole way. I’m not good at that type of thing…the being tough thing. I don’t even know what the correct procedure is from here. Do I give him zero or grade the portion he did before I pulled it out of his hands…?

Two days of class/exams left and then a “party” on Saturday. The students from each class are planning some kind of “performance,” so I’m really looking forward to that. They have been making the hallways very loud with all their planning, and their teacher very frustrated, so it better be good!

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  1. I can’t even imagine you being the “tough teacher”. Kicking him out was the right thing to do. However, if you are there to change lives, maybe testing him to see how serious he is about learning might be an option. Maybe getting him to return in the future for a supervised test? Or giving him another chance in some other way? I’ve always found that there are some who don’t really want “it” bad enough to put forth the necessary effort, but some of them will wake up and realize they actually do want “it” bad enough to work for it the second time.

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