chita sou ou?


Sunday. Day of rest. AKA: day of waking up to people banging around upstairs. With earplugs in, it is often difficult to decipher the origin of noises. Inside or outside? So I lay in bed, baking like a potato, trying to figure it out, when it dawned on me that were supposed to be getting windows in soon. (If you’ve forgotten, about 3/4 of the upstairs is still lacking windows.) It was a “the call is coming from inside the house” moment (*insert Twilight Zone tune.) I called Liz, one bedroom to another 15 feet away, and tried to figure out my next move. Get up and moving was what I decided to do.

Delicious bread and cinnamon rolls from yesterday’s delightful bakery for breakfast??? Ki saaaaa?!! That’s called living the good life.

Tap-Tap-ing (yes, I use it as a verb) our way to church is always an adventure. Four tap-taps to get there…more to get back, when you’re three girls that spot shopping opportunities. Of course, by the time we reached the church we were already drenched from the sweltering sun.

Note: Tap-Tap #3 conversation (from memory)
Regina: We should have taken a moto!
Andrea: You haven’t ridden on a moto yet?
Regina: Nope.
Andrea: You mean you haven’t almost fallen off the back of a motorcycle, banged your knee on a parked truck, and straddled your roommate all in the same experience?
Liz: I usually sacrifice myself in the middle. I was straddling a guy who smelled like death.
Andrea: I’d rather straddle a stranger than my roommate.
Liz: I’d much rather straddle my roommate.
Andrea: Nope. At least take me out to dinner first.
Rest of tap-tap passengers: (*smiling awkwardly as the three of us speak English and crack-up very loudly)

The journey back home was much more interesting than our first trips. On tap-tap number one, Liz sat on Regina’s lap and I stood awkwardly between peoples’ knees trying not to fall over. I was then offered a seat, which I took, thinking to myself “why not?” The seat was on some random dude’s lap, young guy. I was trying to have hold myself up so he wouldn’t have to bear my entire weight, which resulted in shaky legs upon departure. Liz was attempting the same move. As they say: When in Haiti…!

We hopped off a little early so that we could walk down the street and do a little shopping. We lost Liz in some confusion, but I found a new fruit: lam veritab or breadfruit (we spotted Liz shortly thereafter, no worries.) I figured the fruit looked interesting so I’d splurge the 30 gourdes (<$1.) Now I wasn't just the crazy white girl walking down the street, I was the crazy white girl walking down the street carrying a 5 pound fruit. That thing was heavy! Liz and Regina were shopping madwoman as I pounded juice. Another funny moment was when Regina found some glasses to buy and when she asked how much, he said $5 US. I commenced the bargaining, knowing this was a hug rip-off, and in true Haitian negotiation tactics, exclaimed: MSYE…SOUPLE…! (SIR…PLEASE…!) The intonation that goes along really makes the whole thing, so you won't be able to understand reading from your computer screen. Final selling price: $2.50 US. (Possibly still high, but I wouldn't know.) It's at this point, once they figure out I speak a good deal of Creole, that I jet so I don't end up in a conversation that I have to keep saying "SLOW DOWN!"

We made it home, just before actually melting to all too untimely deaths. Walking into the house with my giant fruit, I got some weird looks. But Nadege showed me how to make juice with it. And it's a long process! Peel, put into pot with water, salt, and cinnamon cloves, cook for 30-45 minutes, blend with evaporated milk, sugar, and vanilla, cool to drink. It is good. Thick. Liz says it's potato juice. I say nah. (I should've taken a picture of the fruit untouched, but I didn't.)

Are you tired yet? I’m realizing my posts seem to be really long lately and I’m going to start losing my audience! I’m almost done, I promise.

Dessalines came up a little while ago after going to a meeting at Stellecy’s school. (Why Dessalines? you ask? Who knows.) So, he comes upstairs and this conversation follows:
Liz: So, is Stellecy a good student?
Dessalines: Ehhhhh…(*commence giggles)…sometimes…?
Regina, Liz, and Andrea: (*hysterical, unsurprised, laughter)
Dessalines: She fights. (*air fist jabs) The little boys and little girls. But you see that.
Andrea: Oh, yes we do. Yes. We. Do.

Now the smell of marijuana in the air (courtesy of our next door neighbors) is starting to make my nose itch and I really should get to printing out our exams so we can go to the copy place in the morning. YAY, another journey to negate another shower! Exams this week…wish them luck!

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