chanm nouvo


Valentin and family were gone last night, so I was woken up to Sanna singing loudly around 5:00 am. I think she forgot that I was sleeping downstairs…(?) That is not to mention the squawking chickens, of course. And then there was the incident last night as I was turning out my light to go to sleep. I heard rustling outside, the trash can falling over, and then what sounded like my dog chewing on a carrot. Since it was dark, I looked for shadows without getting out of bed, but didn’t see anything. I figured I’d tune it out with my earplugs and hope it wasn’t someone that would lead me to an untimely death, especially with my room being what Regina called “the murder room.” As is proven by this entry, I am alive and well, and Jon thinks it was an animal.

I spent a good portion of the day moving everything into my new upstairs room. It was hard work. It’s very nice because it has it’s own attached bathroom…my very own! It is, however, a little weird when you get super excited over having a towel rack. With everything in there, it seems kind of empty. I’m just hoping the duct tape holds and it doesn’t turn into a playground for the creepy crawlies. I took a few photos. (first photo is a beautiful welcome sign made by Regina)

This afternoon, we “attended” a funeral for the husband of one of the women who cooks when FFP groups come. I put attended in quotes because the church was full so we stood outside for about an hour and a half, not seeing anything that was going on inside. We did hear singing, stories, and of course, the heart breaking sounds of loved ones mourning. I saw two or three of my students with big smiles. And, let me tell you, the bumpiness of the roads and the potholes have increased ten-fold since I left.

Unfortunately, an approximately 16 hour streak of town electricity has been broken, so I’m only able to post this during the inverter’s brief “power hour.” It’s always a let down when they give power that long and then shut it off…leaving us not knowing when it will return. Sighs.

I’m a little concerned as I just smacked myself in the face, said “damn bugs!” and then realized it was just my bangs falling over my headband. hmmmm…

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  1. Andrea!!! I love hearing what is going on in your life! Bangs…love it! Take care of your back when you are doing all of this bumpy riding/hauling of gear/smacking of bugs.

    Love love love to you from Mama Jean

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