selman an ayiti


I’ve missed waking up to squawking roosters every ten seconds after 4:30 am…psych! The mosquitoes are going crazy, but I’ve incorporated knee-high soccer socks into my nighttime attire to help the situation. Last night was oddly chilly and required me to sleep enveloped in my fluffy blanket (or my “biddy” as understood my those close to me.)

First off, enjoy a photo of my downstairs room without a roommate and with a corner designated for my plentiful exercise equipment. It’s kinda strange.

Today I spent just about the entire day duct taping mesh onto window frames. Only in Haiti! The top floor of the house has been rented and Liz, Regina, and Jon are moved in, but screens were not put in, and there are missing windows on top in “my” room. Every gap in the place was covered with incredible amounts of duct tape. Four rolls in total. This includes: windows, door, electrical outlets, and electrical switch covers. I have learned quite a few valuable things during this process:
1. the construction up there is hilarious…in a terrible way
2. duct tape is very sticky
3. duct tape does not stick well to concrete walls
4. near death experiences on questionable ladders is mildly terrifying

Here is a sample of the fruit of my labor (in all there were 3 square windows, one full half circle, 2 broken half circles, one square bathroom window, one door, and outlets/switches):

And an entertaining picture of two of our chickens just chillin’ on some PVC pipe:

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