mwen rive


I have arrived safely in Haiti. It’s very rainy and muggy. The mosquitoes are feasting on me. But all is well.

Addendum: I forgot to post the funny story from my travels. On my flight from Arizona to Florida, we had some pre-flight entertainment. A woman, who was probably in her sixties, pre-boarded and chose a seat in the emergency aisle. The problem, however, was that she pre-boarded because of an injury requiring her to wear one of those funny black boots. When the flight attendant told her she could not sit in that seat due to FAA regulations, she threw a hissy fit and was yelling. When they asked her to change seats, she said she would not move. This went on for a good five minutes before they escorted her off the plane never to be seen by the rest of us again. The sister remained on the flight, though, so I don’t know how that worked out exactly. The guy in the seat across from me filmed the whole episode on his i-phone. It was pretty funny episode.

Since I’ve been back, Jon, Liz, Regina, and I played an interesting game of Scrabble and a hilarious game of Taboo. Let’s just say I’m not the best of clue givers and one of Liz’s words had me trying to list every vaccination I had received as a child. Answer: Measles. Always entertaining.

Now you must excuse me as I hit the floor and do my exercises. Inflating my physioball with its foot-pump was quite a lot of work! I don’t have much energy left in me, but I’ll try to get through my list that I’ve taped up on the wall.

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