The day has come to pack everything back up and ready myself for tomorrow’s flight. I never really unpacked, persay, but the rearranging is almost more annoying. And where did all these things come from?!?! I can’t figure it out, but with everything layed out on my bed, I’m not too optimistic it will all fit in the suitcase. And now my mom is insisting that we bake something to take back too.

Tomorrow is the start of my two day journey back to Haiti. I fly out of San Diego, into Phoenix, and on to Fort Lauderdale. The second leg of the flight from AZ to FL is most concerning because it means I will be sitting for a really long time. Hope for no turbulence and “fasten seatbelt” signs off so I can roam the aisles.

I’m definitely very happy to be going back. I’m can’t say I’m ready for cold showers, but I can deal with that.

Orevwa San Diego.

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