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Exciting news…well, for me at least. I’ve booked my flight back to Haiti on June 2nd! Mom and dad aren’t too thrilled, but it needs to happen. I also have a definitive date of return…August 27th. I don’t want to think about that just yet because I have great three months ahead of me.

I have my mat, physio ball, and theraband packed and ready to go. I’ll see if I freak people out doing my exercises on the floor. But, I plan to be a good girl and continue with it all or I know I will suffer the consequences.

Another weird thing for me is registering for classes. I have them all figured out on paper and will set it all in stone tomorrow afternoon. Organic chemistry (terrifying,) biology, French (I was debating between this and Spanish…but I made my choice and definitely plan to continue with Spanish later,) and an honors course (so many annoying requirements in the honors program.) I never thought I would say it, but I kind of miss homework and the whole learning thing. That is not to say that I’m not learning in Haiti…because I’m learning some of the most incredible things I will never forget. I’m also learning English as I teach it, funny enough. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that. Other news is that I will be an EMT at Santa Clara when I return. I think it will be a great experience, but I do need to hit the books and brush up. It’s been a year since I took the course and got my national certification, so things are a little rusty. I also applied for a job as a desk receptionist in the townhouses where I’ll be living. It would be good because it’s pretty layed back and I could even do homework. We’ll see how that works out. I’m still waiting to hear back and set an interview date.

Oh yes…and Nadege is in Oklahoma. You may or may not remember all my stories about her visa application process to get her here for heart surgery. Everything seemed to go surprisingly smoothly and she is supposed to have her operation tomorrow. She has called me a couple times since her arrival in the States and it was slightly comical. Not only is she the world’s fastest Creole speaker, but adding that to the fact that I haven’t been speaking Creole regularly for over a month and the phone static…let’s just say there was a lot of confusion.

First Time Flyer

(This photo is of Nadege on an airplane for the very first time. It was taken by Dr. Scottie who orchestrated this entire process and who went down to Haiti to help Nadege, once again, and make the trip a little more comfortable.)

Amazingly, I don’t think I have lost too much of my Creole during this time, though. I read a Creole newspaper online every couple days and look up and write down new vocabulary. The real test, however, will be my return to Haiti.

That’s my news for now. The countdown begins.

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  1. YAY! HAITI! I can’t wait for our INSANE study parties next year — I’ll be hitting the books with you. I am so excited for you. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

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