kouche ak repoze


Thought I would provide a quick update on the situation with my back:

I saw an orthopedic surgeon today, here in Jupiter, Florida. I went in hoping he would have something better to say about me going back to Haiti than the NP in the emergency room. Start scene with bickering receptionists. Add in the nurse saying I look like “a tiny little teenager” after I told her I am twenty years old. And then cue the very nice doctor.

The doc told me that I should not go back to Haiti tomorrow, as I had planned to do, nor could I fly to San Diego for treatment. Either way, he said, I would want to saw my leg off and need an ER on the other end of the flight to receive me if I tried to sit that long. My steroid dose pack runs out on Saturday, so when I see him again on Monday there should be a clearer picture, pain-wise. From there, who knows. Best case scenario would be the pain subsides enough for me to go back. Otherwise, we may have to look a direct steroid injection or a minor out-patient snip-snip surgery.

It doesn’t look like I’ll make it back to Haiti until the end of next week at the earliest. There is a lot of waiting, laying, and seeing how it all plays out. I don’t like waiting.

In the meantime, I may have to go back to Publix to get a jug of Tampico. Saw it on the bottom shelf yesterday, just where Jon said it would be. But there was a THIRD flavor! Ki sa! Some sort of mango concoction…

Mwen manke tout moun e mwen manke Ayiti! Pa bliye-m, Ayiti!

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  1. Sweet Andrea…I am sorry you are in such pain! Glad you are in Florida in a hotel and not on a tap tap in Haiti or fending off randy police guys! Smoochy, little one! Love, Mama Jean

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