poukisa polisye a mandem de marengwen yo?


Final day of testing is over and I have a week and a half to breathe deeply.

This morning we were unloading one storage place and moving everything to a second storage place in Fond Parisien. I looked like the lazy one as my back is not in the best of conditions. Liz thinks she got lice from the boxes of stuff…and I wouldn’t be surprised.

One funny episode occurred as Liz and I were making one trip back from storage joint #2 to storage joint #1. The police stopped at us at one of their checkpoints and a cop I have run into before asked me for my license (speaking English.) I gave him my international driving permit and he told me it looked like a passport. Incorrect.

The next conversation went like this:
Polisye: I need something for the mosquito.
Andrea: For the what?
Polisye: Mosquito.
Andrea: What?
Polisye: Mosquito.
Andrea: Ohhhh…mosquitoes. You mean like a spray or something?
Polisye: No, not a spray. Like when you are in your bed…
Andrea: A net. I don’t have one.
Polisye: You don’t have one at Love a Child.
Andrea: I don’t work at Love a Child. (with giant Fondation Pour La Paix sticker on the car door)
(This whole time there is a line of cars/freight trucks, my officer is motioning people to pass on the other side with his other hand behind his back. We’re still sitting there talking to them.)

It is about this point that I realize Liz is chatting it up with the other officer, who is leaning on her window, clearly trying to help me out. Both the cops say they want to come to our English school and ask for our emails and phone numbers. Both Liz and I said we do not have phones. We say, “Oh, your English is very good!” (our usual response to wanting to have us teach someone English…they never buy it.) After all this, they let us pass and we went on our merry way.

I fly to Fort Lauderdale at 9:31am tomorrow. I’m excited. I don’t especially like the departure from PAP, but I get through it each time.

So long for now…stay tuned for more Haiti news when I return from my brief R&R!

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  1. 18-21 a girl gets married if she wants to…AKA “Just because they ask doesn’t mean you have to say YES.” Good job dodging the Haitian Police Pick Up Line about a mosquito net! ENJOY your vacation with mommy!

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