ti fumi pa janm mouri anba sak sik


So I’ve added another Haitian proverb to my list. “Ti fumi pa janm mouri anba sak sik.” I’m not providing you an explanation here. If you Google translate, you can try to figure out the meaning on your own or ask me about it. That being said, I believe I’ve hit 5 proverbs that give Haitians a good laugh when I pull them out of my sleeve…I’m on my way!

Let’s see…I received some words of wisdom on marriage from one of our favorite language students, Beniel. He broke down the time line for me:
18-21: a woman can get married if she wants
22-25: a woman gets married if someone else wants
26-30: a woman gets married if she’s lucky
30+: a woman has no chance (prepare for the lonely cat lady)

So, I guess I’m in my prime. I better hurry up and find a taker though, eh? First person to bring me a baby goat has my hand!

Liz and I have been very busy with preparing everything this week. Monday we had a reading exam, yesterday writing, and today, oral. I’m going to try to think of a couple of highlights:

Andrea: Tell me about yourself
Student: I’m beautiful.
Andrea: **waiting noises**
Student: Umm…I’m beautiful.

Andrea: Tell me about yourself
Student: **Goes on and on about dream to preach the word of God**
Andrea: Silence
Student: …I like to read at night. I’m not going to lie, it’s not the bible.

Male student: I am a waitress of God
(Did he mean “servant?”)

Student: I am a boy tall. I am a good boy.

Tomorrow is the multiple choice exam. This took the most preparation time as 4 versions are necessary to attempt to prevent cheating. Yesterday’s writing went well after I told them: If you talk, you leave…If you look at someone else’s paper…you leave…If your cellphone goes off…you leave.

Yesterday morning’s copy shop adventure was a good one, too. Liz and I took a tap-tap down the road. Walked a ways to find the copy place. Held up a line with our 350+ copies. Walked back, looking for a tap-tap. Continued to walk all the way home because we couldn’t find a tap-tap. Acted delirious on the walk home because it was so hellishly hot. Admitted insanity when we finally reached our destination, a couple hours later.

And this morning I fell out of the bed as Dessalines came in to knock the cockroach off the wall above my bed. He swept it down onto my bed and then almost admitted defeat…however, I would not let him leave the room until he found the stupid thing. It was in my sheet. That needs to be burned. And now my stomach hurts when I smacked it on the railing jumping off the top bunk. I hate cockroaches!

Florida in less than 36 hours! I’m excited!

(Sorry if this post is a little all over the place. My feet really itch from the mosquito bites I am currently receiving…why’d I take my socks off??!! And I’m tired. Bon nwit!)

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  1. Nasty cockroaches. As Britta says, “I do not like bugs that crunch when stepped on.” (pardon the preposition position)

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