To experience the life of a Haitian taking public transportation is quite enlightening. Though it is not the fastest process, it is surprisingly not terrible.

We left the house this morning at 8:15 to take a tap-tap (or 4) to an English speaking church. One to the first intersection. One to the second intersection. One to the comasariat, where we picked up Wesley. One to an area near the church. Tap-taps one, two, and three went smoothly enough. Once we had to wait for the 4th, however, things got a little stickier. We got to Wesley around 8:50, walked to the place he told us to wait, and stood for approximately 35 minutes. When we couldn’t find anything, we walked down a hill, up a hill, down another hill, and stood in a new spot. After watching a few full tap-taps pass by, we decided we would ride it true Haitian style: Liz half on a stranger’s lap, me standing outside holding onto the frame, Jon standing behind me outside, and Wesley next to him. That was one full tap-tap. Jon and I discussed what should be done in case of our sudden deaths as the vehicle bumped along the rocky road. We made it to the last stop, walked to the church, and arrived sweaty and almost 30 minutes late, around 9:50. A woman spoke who was a abused, the mother of a mass murderer in Quebec, and whose daughter over-dosed on drugs. It was a really unfortunate and sad story.

The ride back was a little smoother. That is, if you don’t count Liz getting elbowed in the face twice and Jon being half sat on by a stranger. When we made it to the last tap-tap switch, we decided to get lunch at a nearby restaurant as a reward for our tough commuting. By the way, Cachiman juice…might marry it. Last tap-tap home, a walk down the path, and a couple “blans” yelled at us my roaming children and we called it a journey!

Laundry and test preparations complete this day. We have midterm exams this week at school. Mildly stressful and, I’ll admit, I still have not finished everything. Most importantly, I haven’t written anything for tomorrow’s exam. Monday: Reading. Tuesday: Writing. Wednesday: Oral. Thursday: Multiple-Choice. We’ll see how it goes. Then, Friday: off to Florida for a week with mom! I definitely think this break is much needed.

a pita zanmi yo

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