m blan donk m boule


Beach day. Very nice. Beautiful water=refreshing and enjoyable swimming. Great people=lots of laughs. Soccer ball and cinderblocks=burnt feet and an awesome time.

I rode the way back in the bed of the truck to avoid the back spasms that accompany smooshing 5 people in the back seat. The 7 live chickens that rode with us made the trip much more enjoyable. Liz tied a bracelet around our chicken’s leg so we can tell the difference.

Oh yes, here are the chicken’s names: Valentin-Andu, Liz & Jon-Mrs. Doubtfire, Andrea-Pat. (Liz, Jon, and I all chose our names because the sex of the chicken has yet to be definitively determine.

I am fried like a Haitian plantain! Apparently sunscreen is something I should consider next time.

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