delimart…tèt kale…ayiti


Yesterday started with an extra long church service. After lunch at a restaurant, Liz, Jon, and I journeyed to the enchanting place we have known to be Delimart. Until now, it was just a myth, spread by word of mouth and radio, but yesterday we made it a reality. And yes, it was what we dreamt it to be. Stocked with delightful items to buy and about an inviting two degrees, we gawked in sheer awe. Jon was ready to leave far before Liz and I were. And I looked like even more of an idiot walking around holding only m&ms and toilet paper. I returned home to wash nearly all of my clothes and then watch them get drenched with rain on the drying line.

Today we didn’t go to school as we were informed election results would be given at 5:00pm tonight. Haitian time, that turned into 6:15ish. It is a frustrating situation because we have mid-terms next week and we really need all the time we can get to review this week. But, instead of our usual Monday routine, we ran errands to prepare for any possible election outcome craze. We filled all the propane tanks, filled the car with gas, sent Jon with Sanna and Dessalines to buy meat, and made another run to Delimart. Stellecy put on quite a show there.

When it was announced that Michel Martelly (“Tèt Kale/Sweet Mickey”) won the presidency (with 67%,) Nadege started running around the house and cheers were heard from the street outside the house. We went out and saw people jumping around in excitement. Valentin’s reaction was a little different. The news on TV is showing people celebrating in the streets. What this means for the future of Haiti, I cannot say. I know many are not optimistic. But with this turnout, tomorrow should be quieter than if Manigat (manmanm”) were to have won it.

Ayiti…bon chans. We wish you the best.

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  1. Hey Andrea,

    I just got wind of your’s and Liz’s online blog…I loved reading all of your posts…it really brings me back to the heart and rhythm of Haiti. I can’t wait to get back in a couple of months…

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