nou gen kamyon kout, nou gen kamyon long


Long day today. We had donations coming in from the DR and it was quite a complicated process. We had to find two Haitian trucks that would go with us across the border to Jimani, where the Dominican truck was waiting. The men unloaded the Dominican truck into the Haitian trucks while Valentin, Liz, and I went to the border to try to handle customs and such. Let’s just say that is some shady business. We went in circles talking to people, Valentin switching between English, Spanish, and Creole. Carlos, a man doing some job I couldn’t figured out but who spoke both Spanish and Creole, really helped us out in getting the trucks across. Valentin was so appreciative that he offered me to him as payment. We tried to convince him I am Haitian, but he was too smart for that. Told me I looked Dominican…which is strange.

On the Haitian side it was even more strange. It took a couple hours of going in one office and out into another…in and out, in and out. I don’t know what actually went on. But I was offered to another person during this whole deal. After all of this, it was about 3:30 in the afternoon (we left the house around 8:45am.)

Both Haitian trucks followed us to the deposit in Fond Parisien where we proceeded to unload all of its contents. 162 desks, near that many chairs, file cabinets, tables…ayayay. We hadn’t eaten since the morning, so we were all pretty hungry and excited to see the bullion on the table when we got back home.

The satellite is currently slower than molasses, so I’m back on the internet stick for the moment. Stellecy’s out screaming “Happy Birthday,” “Bon Jounen,” and “Bondye beni ou,” while some sort of Haitian American Idol is playing on the television…grainy, of course.

All in all, the day was productive. We got all of the stuff across the border with out too much of a hassle. Getting offered to multiple people as payment was something I’m still unclear about. Valentin says they brought it up, but I’m pretty sure I heard him tell Carlos that I’m his daughter and he would give me to him. Seemed like a good guy…who knows?! (Just kidding mom and dad.)

For some reason, it still baffles me how you can go ten feet across a border and the language becomes something completely different. Creole–>Spanish, Spanish–>Creole. It shouldn’t seem so strange to me, but it does. M’ pa konnen.

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