karant senk


I’m realizing that my posts don’t seem too interesting when I write on a regular basis. Oh well, here goes another one to brighten up your day will some more of my daily “adventures!”

Once again, yawned and stretched my way out of bed for another early morning run of circles. Today I figured I would count the number of times I passed one of the cinder block goals. The number even surprised me. FOURTY FIVE! That’s right, we passed that block 45 times…40 running, 5 walking. This was a little less than 20 minutes of running. Toward the end, Dessalines asked me “What are you whispering?” Yeah…I was just breathing really heavily! When I explained that, he told me I needed to stop. Today I didn’t go back to sleep after my shower. I did my workout on the roof and then figured I’d wait out the morning until we went out for errands.

Today was my day of driving. First we went to find a tire. There was a good deal of traffic in Port. Lots of sitting and trying to squeeze my way into all of the unofficial lanes. The most challenging drive of today was the 40 minutes of bumps as I made my way up an unpaved, windy, mountain road. I don’t think my passengers were happy about the comfort of the ride, but it was unavoidable. When we arrived at the village, where we passed out Akwatabs in a couple weeks ago, I was surprised by children running up and calling “Andrea.” I guess there aren’t a lot of white girls passing through their remote area. Even less white girls speaking Creole. The way down the mountain was even more of an adventure. I threw the truck in neutral and kept my foot on the brake. I could tell Jon was annoyed with me as I kept trying to hit the gas in neutral, forgetting I was not in drive. Quite a bouncy and dusty ride, but our mission was accomplished.

Since our outings, I have not done much that I could call productive. I’m currently hooked up to the satellite internet, so it’s going much faster. I like it! We don’t have a router yet, though, so it’s a one person at a time deal for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to skype at some point. I’m not sure if video is realistic, though. We’ll see how it all pans out as we figure out what we’re doing.

I’m seeing 9:00 PM on my toolbar…that means bedtime! It’s been a long day and tomorrow will be even longer, so I’m going to hit the sack.

Bon nwit

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  1. I LOVE the whispering comment! I chatted with your dad yesterday and I can promise you this: we do not care if your updates are uninteresting…we all love to know what ANDREA is doing today!

    Be well, my little cinder block whisperer! Mama Jean

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