/k/, /s/, /sh/, /ch/, /p/, /f/, /t/, /d/


So I’ve woken up for the 5:30 run three times this week. It is painful pulling myself out of bed, but the labored breathing and feeling of accomplishment make it worth it. Today I even went up to the roof and did sit-ups and push-ups when we got back. We’re still running small circles around a minuscule soccer field, though. When I asked why we don’t continue running on the road, Nadege told me “li pa bon.” (It’s not good.) Don’t know what that means, but I’ll just go with it.

On Tuesday I gave a quiz on past tense. The first class annoyed me with their talking and wandering eyes. The second class, frankly, pissed me off with their excessive talking and excessively wandering eyes. And by the third class I was just in a bad mood, so I don’t even know. I don’t know what was going on…I’m sure this doesn’t fly in their other classes.

Today I taught how you can determine the sounds of ed verbs in the past tense. If I have to say /k/, /s/, /sh/, /ch/, /p/, /f/, /t/, /d/ in rapid succession one more time…someone is getting a beat down.

The election results were supposed to be announced today, but were postponed until Monday. Who knows what is going on with that and how everything will play out in the aftermath.

Did I ever tell you about my imprisonment? I don’t think so…I think this moment of hilarity might have slipped my mind. During one of the groups, I somehow got locked inside our hotel room. I couldn’t get out and Liz couldn’t get in. Dessalines used a giant knife for a first try and ended up kicking the door in after about 5 minutes. I’m not cut out for life in the slammer.

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  1. GIT IT, girl! Kicking down doors? Right on! Regarding wandering eyes: you know it takes initiative to cheat…right? They just want to please you and make you smile. Mama Jean loves you!

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