map kouri


I got up at 5:25 to run this morning. (Yes, I am that desperate for cardio.) I tried to convince Dessalines and Nadege that dogs don’t even wake up that early, but none of my arguments made the cut.

So I set my alarm, pulled myself out of the bed I was boiling in, and laced up my sneakers. Yawning, we headed out. We ran a short way down the path and then, when I attempted to continue down the road, I was summoned back to a small soccer field. There we commenced to run around and around and around in circles. For about 20 minutes we continued in this manner. I felt nauseous. To make it more embarrassing, two men stood and watched us for about 10 of those 20 minutes. I told Dessalines, “Yo ap gade nou tankou televisyon.”

They are trying to convince me to get up for a 5:00 run tomorrow morning. Not gonna happen. And the next run, I will choose the route (maybe.)

Let’s see…
That stupid chicken walked into the house today.

And I learned something interested from one of Liz’s student’s essays (Straly):
Yes! + No! = Reason (This is read: (Yes!+No!)/Truly=Reason)

*(This essay was on childhood vs. adulthood and the advantages and disadvantages of both)

If someone can explain Straly’s logic to us, we would all appreciate the insight.

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