manje oswa bèt kay?


I forgot to inform you all of the new addition to our family! Yes, it was a surprise to me too.

I don’t know her name, but she is a chicken. Yes, chicken. (Valentin says it is a female chicken…I’m not going to check.) We got it a few weeks ago and I assumed it was going to be dinner. We eat chicken all the time, so I just did not know. Apparently this thing has been roaming around for the last few weeks and I haven’t known about it. We were gone at the hotel for a while, but about a week back at the house had passed before I noticed this thing. It’s like a ninja chicken, too. Just pops up out of nowhere. Today it was chasing me with a giant centipede in it’s beak while I was trying to hang my laundry! And it does that beak thrust every time it steps…I do not like this thing.

Valentin says I have to touch it or he will do it himself. I don’t like this idea one bit.

Welcome to the family, chicken!

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