nou fini



Before my recap of the past couple weeks…here are some interesting updates:
-Stellecy told Jon that he sits with his legs too wide open
-We just learned that Haitian men spit in their urine after they pee

Let’s see…

We had the nursing group a couple of weeks ago. They left.

We had Carine’s team that came last Sunday and left yesterday. They were a great group. Everyone in the group was great. There were 4 Creole speakers, so that was also helpful. We did a lot of construction. I worked all day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and I’m feeling it now. My triceps are sore, my back hurts, I have blisters on my hands, and I sprained my thumb. But I enjoyed it. It’s nice to do some physical labor sometimes and get that ticker pumping. I’ve learned some Haitian proverbs that always get a good laugh. “Chen grangou, pa jwen.” Google translate that…I’m not going to do all the work for you! We played soccer at Camp Hope on Friday afternoon…guess who scored TWO goals! gadeboulgadeboulgadeboul! 8-4, but we enjoyed ourselves.

I’m trying to think back to all the good moments that would be interesting to share. My 80 year old memory is failing me. That’s what I get for not writing it down when it happens. It’s hard when we stay at the Peace and Love with both the internet and the daily exhaustion.

Now we’re back home, though. It seems too quiet and I feel like the days are going to be too empty. The next group we have comes mid-May. Back to teaching and the regular daily routine. But I’m going to Florida to see my mom in April, so that’ll be nice.

The time has come when I have to start figuring things out for when I go back in September. It makes me sad and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to avoid the thought of leaving. I can’t even imagine how difficult it will be. I’ve got 5 more months…and I know that time flies. Yikes.

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