ti bebe


Wow. How to even write about what I experienced today.

In the morning I went with half of the nurses to Eau d’ Vie (who knows if I spelled that right) and they split up into different areas. I hung out in the CTC, translating when needed. That was okay, but the rest of the day was what made today incredible.

After lunch, we all went to Crist pour Tous. I was told that a woman was giving birth (I heard her too, of course) and I was able to get in on the action. I basically served as translator and held her hand through the contractions. I saw everything. Absolutely everything. In-flipping-sane. After a few hours of walking around, squatting, and me cleaning up fluids, we moved her into a new room where the delivery actually took place. First we saw the head, then this beautiful baby boy emerged and we held our breaths as we waited to hear crying. I don’t know if mom really wanted the baby, she didn’t want to hold it or look at it at first. It was absolutely amazing. And I was there through the whole thing. Plus I translated!…and I have to say I think I did pretty well. I do need to learn how to say “squeeze” in Creole, though. It was just such an incredible experience, it’s hard to explain. I still can’t believe it all.

Ki saaaaaa

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