si ou vle vini nwa…


Wow. It’s been a long, but good, week.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday mornings I did construction before school at 2. Lots of picking, shoveling, and digging lots and lots of ditches. I’m definitely feeling my arms.

We sent the group off today and it was an emotional goodbye for many people. Haiti isn’t a place where you leave unaffected and that was visible in every group member today. I’m just glad I’m not having to say those goodbyes yet…come August, it’s going to be waterworks all over the place!

It was sad saying goodbye to Jamie on Friday as she went back to Santo Domingo. I had a really great time with her. The next group is going to feel weird as the only female intern.

Just recently Stellecy told me she has been sleeping in her bed and asked me where I’ve been sleeping. When I told her the hotel, she told me not to sleep there anymore…to sleep in lakay mwen (my house.)

I had a great time teaching Liz’s intermediate class these past few days, though. They are flippin’ hilarious! I’m trying to remember all the funny things they said but, with my 80 yr old memory, I can only picture myself slapping my knee from the hilarity of whatever it was that moment. Beniel and Diery…classic.

Funny quote at the work site:
“If you want to be black, they have a cream for that in the United States.”

I’m listening to Stellecy scream “bondye beni ou” over and over again from the living room and can only concentrate on how exhausted I am. I need to sleep kounyea.

Bon nwit!

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