black baby


Howdy all. Sorry about being MIA for a while. We’re staying at the hotel and the internet is either not working or I just don’t have the energy to open my laptop. Let me try to hit some of the highlights.

I’ve been having a great time with the DR interns Jamie and Stuart. I’m going to be sad when they leave. They taught me the swahili word for “blan/white:” muzungu. We’ve been having fun with that.

Bob’s group arrived and it has been going pretty well, I think. We had a couple days and hard work on the construction site digging and sifting and hauling buckets of gravel and cement up and down assembly lines. Sunday we went to church at Camp Hope. Oh dear lord. Get this hilarity: Valentin had me translate. That’s right…you read that correctly. I didn’t really do that much…I just stood up in front trying to figure out where to put my hands. I only translated a couple of things on my own and had Valentin, who was sitting behind me, feed me the rest of the lines. It was basically mortifying. Some of Bob’s guys fixed the soccer goals next to the school (which I noticed were broken again today.) They had “vacation bible school” where they did a little skit and had kids coloring crosses. I played with Stellecy. We played a game of soccer against the Haitians in which we were slaughtered…but that was to be expected. I “tonbe”d a lot. Ouch. Sunday I also drove at night for the first time. That is scary business. It was about 2 hrs round trip, there are no lights on the road, everyone has their high beams on, and you’re still trying to dodge potholes. Made it back alive.

Yesterday was an adventure to say the least. We knew we were going to hike to deliver aquatabs to a remote community, but no one had any idea what we were getting ourselves into. It was about a 4 hour hike over slippery rock to find this village and, once we got there, no one knew exactly where we were going. We had a donkey carrying gallons of water and team members had to carry lunch and the coolers. We made it, handed out the aquatabs, and made the hike back (which only took us about 2/2.5 hours.) I was so extraordinarily exhausted by the time we made it back. And hurting everywhere. All in all, I had a lot of fun getting a little exercise and the team members were troopers. I’m definitely feeling it today, though.

Funny moments:
Listening to group members try to say “trant”/listening to their Creole in general (look at how judgmental I am!)

One of the group members translating “wait 30 minutes before drinking the water” into Creole: “wait 30 minutes before drinking yourself.”

Naming Wesley “Black Moses”

This conversation: (about the baby doll they were using to represent Moses in the vbs skit.)
Me: Why isn’t the baby black?
Christine: What are you talking about, it is black.
Me: No it’s not, it’s like . . . brown.
Christine: No. It’s black. I couldn’t find a black baby at Target, so I had to go to Walmart to get one.
(we ultimately decided it looked like a Dominican baby)

During an exercise today where they had to introduce the person next to them, one of my students said: “This is Anastal. He is my best friend.” Another students says: “Oh, that’s a shame!”

Not funny moments:
Somebody eating my awesome looking lunch bread before I got to it.

Slapping mosquitoes on my arm every three seconds while I’m trying to type this.

A bug the size of my palm hitting my laptop keyboard while I’m trying to type this.

Valentin leaving us without papers in the car so when the police stopped us, they made me pull over,tried to tell me my license was expired, and then told me about how it was my responsibility to make sure the papers are in the car before I drive it. Fortunately, they gave me a warning this time.

Okay. Don’t freak out if I don’t write for a little while again (MOM AND DAD!!) I’m doing my best.

Bon nwit!

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  1. Seriously Andrea, what you are experiencing, surviving, and accomplishing on a daily basis is miraculous. Speaking as a parent, you might want to start off with “Hey Mom and Dad, don’t read this for a few years!”.


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