So we said orevwa to the leaders group today. It was a short trip that, I feel, went really well. Here is a recap of yesterday’s events:

Woke up, exhausted after that whole sleeping on the floor back pain ordeal. We had breakfast (on Haitian time) and went to visit the CTC. We visited the clinic Krist pou Tous (hope I spelled that right.) I tried to name a newborn that was currently was nameless, but the mother didn’t like my suggestion…”Andrea!” Must just be bad taste. We then went and visited Diery’s school at Camp Hope and gave them to tour of that. After lunch, Jon and I went to teach. I gave my quiz which seemed to go a little better. The problem was that this left me approximately 70 quizzes to grade that night. After dinner we had a round-table discussion which went until about 9:45, at which time I commenced grading. It was a daunting task that kept me awake past midnight. Jamie and I shared the bed, so sleep came much easier and was much less painful.

First time experience: Being handcuffed. After I announced that Dessalines was not my zanmi because he called me ugly, Jean (the policeman,) handcuffed us together. Hmmm…don’t think I’ll be doing anything illegal any time soon. When I was released, Dessalines was fully handcuffed and I was given responsibility of the key. I let him sit there restrained for a while.

Funny quote of yesterday: “Valentin may be your papa, but he’s not your horsie!” -Wendy
(After I hopped up for a piggy-back ride.)

Additionally, I am proud to report that I think I have hit a breakthrough in my Creole. Understanding is coming much easier and speaking requires less thought. Yay for that!

Bob’s group comes Thursday so we have two nights that I can sleep in my own bed. I’m excited!

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