“taste” of home


Yesterday Nancy and the rest of the hands of light crew came and delivered dictionaries and marbles to our classes. They were so very excited! It was a great moment. However, I heard the clinking of marbles for the rest of class. After school, there was a big circle of students playing a very intense sounding game of marbles. (I, myself, have no idea how to play marbles.)

Yesterday was also Valentin and Nadege’s anniversary and Luke’s last day staying at the house so it was a night of celebration and thank yous…cake and champagne.

I got a taste of home as I just had Valentin finish the breakfast I couldn’t eat. Just like my “clean plate club member” dad (whom he calls “Wassileff,” by the way.)

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This evening Jon and I went out to find the neighborhood soccer game. Unfortunately I was a big chicken and didn’t ask to get in on the game. Jon played with them for about an hour and I watched and smiled at the gawking little kids. All I can say is, there were some pretty incredible abs out there….oh, and good players too. We will go back out again, and I will get pushy to get in on the fun. No more sitting on the sidelines for this blan. Valentin suggested we construct some goals for them (instead of cinder blocks.) I think it’s a great idea.

It’s going to be a busy month starting on Sunday when the leaders trip gets here. Tomorrow will be a big day getting everything ready for them. Wish us luck.

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