m’ renmen manba


I am sufficiently frustrated with my inability to upload pictures online. Even at 50KB it just refuses to upload.

I wanted to share with you my new favorite and hilarious shirt I found on one of the students at school. It may be difficult to understand if you do not know the individuals involved, but a picture would have helped. I thought about trying to vividly describe it, but only a true image will do. I will just write the words here and you can squint at the screen in confusion as I smiling remembering it.

Front: Beniel Renmen Manba (Beniel likes peanut butter)

Back: Thelusma Pa Renmen Anyen (Thelusma doesn’t like anything)…Thelusma is the man wearing the t-shirt

Nothing too exciting happened today. I’m still scared to go in the bathroom with the palm-sized spider, though (I learned Liz’s name for it is Ernie…I added Jean to make it sound more Haitian.)

Today my student asked me : “Teacher, are you a lover of music?” I said, “Yes, I like music.” And then he proceeded to try to convince me we needed some music in the classroom. So, now I’m trying to figure out a good song I could teach them. We could go gospel (although I’m not sure I would be the right person to deliver that) or we could go another direction and bring in a little Michael Jackson or Bob Marley. Any suggestions? The thought of me having to sing in front of anyone, even Jean Ernie, is disturbing.

One good thing was that Valentin’s tough love speech seemed to do its job today in class. I had nearly perfect attendance, and students that haven’t come for weeks showed up. I must be honest, I didn’t think it would actually have an impact…ye of little faith, eh?

Additionally, I need to play soccer! It’s been too long. Maybe I’ll try to get something going tomorrow morning.

Bon nwit.

(P.S. I just started hearing the pounding of rain drops outside my window! Two nights in a row?? Ki saaaaa!?!)

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  1. Like your Creglish. About songs you may need for students, Why not taking: Alpha and Omega(Gospel)? I know some, some months ago in my class, I usually tought them some, that encourage them to speak well. So,I’m available if needed.
    Mwen renmen Manba ak Pen(Bread)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How could anyone not like Creglish? : )
    Thanks for the suggestions on the songs…I might have to recruit your talent when I get around to this.
    There are a lot of exclamation points there…you must renmen anba ak pen ANPIL! Mwen menm tou.

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