m’ fatige anpil anpil anpil


So the exam went horribly. I was so confident that they were going to do well and then they bombed it.
I was awake until 1:00 am grading tests and didn’t even finish them all. (That is approximately 4 hours past my 9pm bedtime.) Jon had told me about a “palm sized” spider he has seen in the bathroom at night and it freaked me out real good (yes, I note my incorrect grammar.) My eyes were burning as I washed my face because I was too afraid to close my eyes. Ridiculous, I know, but whatareyagonna do. Of course you can’t get to sleep for about 45 minutes when you are that exhausted, so that was great too.

Woke up at 7 to go with Valentin into Port. We had to get something about something authorized by someone. Who even knows. But there was anpil blokis and I had a headache and was sooo tired…am I whining? All that said, we got most of what needed to get done done and a coca cola w/ample caffeine helped the headache and sleepiness some. I also realized how inhibited I am with speaking Creole with people I don’t know. I wish that wasn’t the reality of it. I sat in my chair at this one place for about 5 minutes trying to work up the nerve to ask about a bathroom. I knew how to say it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Finally I worked up the nerve, “gen yon twalet m’ ka itilize?” Done. Found. Mission accomplished. Valentin said I am at about 70% with my Creole, but I’d say that is grossly exaggerated.

I had a first today. I’ve passed many cars, tap-taps, trucks, even tractors driving here…but never have I been able to say that I have passed cows pulling a trailer down the middle of the road. Exciting, right? I thought so.

Then we went to school, I yelled (I don’t really yell…) at my students for ten minutes about how they need to study, do their homework, come to class, etc. Valentin came in and did a whole speech, probably making the situation worse.

Chicken and rice. A little rain/lightning/thunder. And now I feel my eyelids getting heavy…so I’m going to the date I planned with my kabann. (Getting used to my Creglish yet?)

Pase bon nwit.

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  1. Loving your posts. They give a realistic picture of what it’s like to do what you are doing. BTW…you are sooo much stronger than you realize. Although, I think that deep down you know it.

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