happy valentine’s day


Just wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. I don’t really know why…it’s a really weird “holiday” (if you can even call it that) that I’ve always found kind of stupid. Something about being away must bring these things out in me.

Well anyway, I’m giving my students a very nice Valentine’s Day present: an exam. Hope they know it comes from the bottom of my heart. : ) I got them some candy to try to help ease some of the anxiety. Wish them luck! And I’m very excited, because Nancy Malone, from Hands of Light in Action, was able to get donations for 90 French-English dictionaries! She will be bringing them down this week. My students are going to be so so so happy! So shout out of thanks to Nancy, Hands of Light, and all those who have helped with this venture.

We did just take on quite a few new English students, so we are now in need of some more French-English dictionaries. If you would like to donate, we’d be very grateful. Let me know and I will give you an address where you can send them. We are also looking for French-Spanish dictionaries for the Spanish class if you’d like to help with that.

Yesterday I went back to the “blan” church with Jon and Wesley. It was the first time I’ve driven in Port-au-Prince. Definitely a different experience than driving in the States. There is so much to be aware of. But, being able to drive again is something that makes me feel a little more independent, a little more “normal.”

Pase bon jounen!

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