m’ leve bonè…yikes!


Finally…a little exercise. Unfortunately, it requires a 6am wake up.
The last couple of days, Luke and I have done a little morning run with some push-ups and sit-ups on the roof. It’s really pretty up there when the sun is rising. My abs and arms are sore, but I love that feeling! I think we are the morning entertainment for the Haitians living in the area…crazy white people running by…one breathing like an 80 year old with emphysema.

Groups start coming down in a couple of weeks, adding to the stress of it all. It is difficult figuring out how we can have enough staff for the groups and still continue with the language school. I think we have figured most of it out, but time will tell. Liz is going home for 4 weeks for her sister’s wedding, so that makes it more complicated.

We’ve decided to add an extra day on to the week at school. Instead of having Friday off, we’ll go in for a couple hours for an optional “tutoring” session where students can ask questions they have on the material. We’re starting this Friday, because we are having an exam on Monday. I think it will be good.

Ok…mwen fatigue. Mwen pa kapab ekri plis. Se twò bonè pou mwen.

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  1. >good for you. i can't even drag myself out of bed at 9am to work out! i know you're probably not on a slanted rooftop, but i imagined you on one at first and was terrified you would roll off while doing crunches! hahaha. okay. love you, miss you.

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