too many white people!


Bonswa tout moun!

So we’ve been home, for the most part, since Tuesday night. We didn’t go to school on Wednesday because they were supposed to announce the candidates for the runoff election…which they didn’t. Then we stayed home Thursday just to play it safe. But, thankfully, there were no demonstrations on the streets and everything remained calm. Hopefully things stay calm when the runoff election is held at the end of March. Cross your fingers!

We’ve just been doing puzzles, reading, and getting a little too obsessed and too intense with Farkle (a dice game) to pass the time.

Friday was Nadege’s birthday. Liz, Luke, Jon, and I got up early to make her breakfast in bed. Liz did coffee cake, Jon did eggs, Luke did bacon, and I made crepes. Everything turned out well…although we learned that the concept of laying in bed while eating breakfast was foreign here. I hit an all time low that day when I ate coffee cake wrapped in a crepe. That does not make one feel very good about herself.

This morning we went to English speaking church where there were just too many white people. It was weird. I felt uncomfortable. Liz and I got to play on the playground before the service, though. We realized how to tell if you are too old for the swings: if you’re out of breath and have motion sickness while swinging. But they had this awesome bouncy thing.

Now I’m listening to Stellecy screaming her lungs out and doing my best to keep my sanity. Oye!

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