happy groundhog day!


>It’s been a while since I last wrote. This internet stick is a pain and it’s really hard to get this blog up and rolling. Once we get the inverter batteries installed in the house, we should be able to get satellite internet.

Let’s see…I don’t believe anything spectacular has happened since I last wrote. Class has gone on as usual. If there were any funny anecdotes I wanted to tell you, I have already forgotten.

I have now driven a few times. It takes me longer to get to our destination because I am a little more cautious. Rules here are different….or non-existant.

Oh, Valentin got a washing machine. It’s the kind where it does half the work and you do the other half, but having a wash cycle cuts down laundry time by a good amount.

Today they are announcing who will be going into the runoff election, so we are staying home to avoid any potential street demonstrations and road blocks. Hopefully we don’t see a repeat of what happened after the elections.

I smashed my toe into a bucket and now can’t wear shoes…so, needless to say, the mosquitoes are loving the access to my feet. Exciting news, I know!

Oh, and Liz and I received a virus from Valentin’s computer that infected her external hard drive and my thumb drive. We still haven’t really figured out what our plan of action will be.

That’s about all the news I have for now. Take care all!

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  1. >Non-existent driving rules?? you can say that again!! holy cow, even just the two rides had me scared to death. LOLHow was the new taken about the run off candidates? Does Valentin think it will change anything?Did you break your toe?? Eek! That'll be no fun. I'm assuming that's why you are letting the mosquitoes eat your feet.

  2. >It's always a gamble on those roads.There were no demonstrations after they announced the runoff candidates which was good. What will happen in March…we'll just have to wait and see. Change anything? Do you mean will either of the candidates bring change to Haiti? If that's the question…then no one really thinks that any of these people will do anything. There is a pattern of lining pockets and giving favors, so there isn't much confidence in the Haitian government. Didn't break the toe. That's good.

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