ki sa mwen sonje?


What do I remember about what has happened since I last posted? Hmmmm….

A new intern, Jon, arrived. He is very nice. He’ll be with us until July.

We had class as usual this week. I think I have a stalker in one of my classes. I forced one student to read like a girl and his nickname is now “Mrs. Green.” Another student’s nickname became “Very Good,” because he repeats it every time I say it. I learned other nicknames my students have: Tilala, T-Wes, S.O.N, Noky….great stuff.

We have played countless games of board Scrabble and Speed Scrabble…Luke is addicted.

Friday, Liz and I had a great idea to have a puzzle war where we each try to finish a 500 piece puzzle first. We both got so stressed out that we agreed the whole purpose of relaxing with the puzzle was being defeated and we gave up. We still haven’t finished them. But that night we did make a cake! Oh how the KitchenAid would have been so nice. The stirring of butter and sugar took (literally) 1.5 hours in the metal bowl with a wooden spoon. We rotated stirrers…though I, myself, only had the strength to last about 30 seconds. It was delicious, though, and all the labor made it taste that much better.

Today was a really great day. We went to the BEACH! We had a rocky start with Nadege calling Valentin so he could try to convince us not to go and then the car not starting, but it all worked out. It was a gorgeous hour drive to Kaliko Beach and it was perfect beach weather. We swam in the blue water and lounged on the beach…we had a buffet lunch…and hung out at the pool. It was a really great time and just absolutely beautiful. It was so different than the Haiti we experience every day and it was just nice to have a day away from the house.

(Isn’t it just gorgeous?! Wish I could post more of beautiful Haiti.)

Tomorrow we’ll go to church, I grade quizzes, and hopefully I can get some laundry done.

That’s about it for my exciting Haitian adventures for today! ❤

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  1. >Andrea, I just want to say thanks. Thanks for being back down in Haiti. And even more so, thank you for sharing your stories. Oh how I miss being down there, and I was only there a week. So thank you!

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